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100% PURE Colostrum 50gr closest to raw +least processed high PRP Organic Grade
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100% PURE Colostrum 50gr closest to raw +least processed high PRP Organic Grade
100% PURE Colostrum 50gr closest to raw +least processed high PRP Organic Grade

100% PURE Colostrum 50gr closest to raw +least processed high PRP Organic Grade

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50 grams High Quality Nutrient rich Colostrumcolostrum from pesticide free, herbicide free, chemical free, rBST free, antibiotic free and contaminate free. non certified organic Colostrum.This Colostrum is from the first milking for highest nutrition. High lever PRP's Proline rich polypeptides.Very low heat and low pressure processing keeping all the delicate nutrients.Super Food Review - Colostrum BenefitsMetabolic – Muscle Growth – Antibodies – Immune System BoostersThe valuable benefits of colostrum are awesome! Literallyeverythingthat a newborn life needs to build a strong immune system and to grow a healthy body is found in bovine colostrum.Cow colostrum contains more than95 Immune System Boostersand8 Growth Factors. It can dramatically improve many areas of human health. The growth factors can stimulate normal cell growth, DNA synthesis, fat utilization and increase mental acuity and seratonin levels in the brain.Immune factors can boost the immune system by supporting resistance to colds and flu, to acute or chronic bacterial or fungal conditions (such as candida albicans). They increase gut efficiency and nutrient absorption and are beneficial in controlling diarrhea.The nutrients in colostrum contribute to the maturing and development of the gastro-intestinal tract innewborns. Adults can benefit, too. Colostrum starts helping the gastro-intestinal tract heal immediately by lowering pathogens in the colon (germs, fungus, yeast, parasites, mold, etc).Because there is a rapid gut cell turnover (cell reproduction), colostrum supplementation can help heal malnutrition due to intestinal problems such as leaky-gut syndrome and other permeability issues naturally and in a short time.Medical research has shown that the most important immune and growth factors for human adults, children and animals can be provided by bovine colostrum. Because it is a food rather than a drug it is free of toxicity (if from a reliable source) and can be consumed without any known side effects.Nutrient-Rich Bovine ColostrumSome of the many beneficial health components factors for humans have multiple functions and cross over into various categories.Immune-Regulating FactorsGut Protective FactorsMetabolic FactorsNatural Growth FactorsLife Essential FactorsBetter known as antibodies, the immunoglobulins in colostrum are complex proteins produced by the mother’s immune system developed over her lifetime. They are transferred into the colostrum before the calf is born. The antibodies offer protection from invading pathogens, toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungi found in the human gastrointestional tract.Metabolic factors in bovine colostrum can influence the restoration and maintenance of the body’s proper metabolic levels through an enhanced bioavailability and assimilation of nutrients in the digestive tract.All biologically active anti-aging growth factors found in bovine colostrum can help stimulate cellular and tissue growth, reverse damage from disease and natural aging, increase metabolism, reduce fat and increase muscle mass and muscle growth, regenerate organ tissues, stimulate protein synthesis (critical for skin and bone renewal) and can affect neurotransmitters in the brain to improve moods and mental acuity.Bovine colostrum contains proline-rich polypeptides (PRP), essential amino acids (protein building blocks), lactoferrin, essential fatty acids (EFA) and essential glyconutrients (complex sugars to facilitate cellular communication) that support the immune system, promote proper functions of the nervous and endocrine systems and help keep the cardiovascular system functioning at optimum levels.In addition to enhanced disease resistance, many people experience an increased feeling of well-being and enhanced sleepbenefits. Because of its natural growth factors and shorter recovery time from strenuous exercise, bodybuilders and other athletes find great natural benefits in supplementing with colostrum.Colostrum Functions Like Growth Hormone(NaturalNews) Colostrum has been called the promise of life. It is the first food, in which all the immune and growth factors that insure health and vitality are transferred from the mother to the newborn. Research has shown that colostrum is the one supplement that can bring help to everyone that uses it, largely because of its ability to perform many of the functions of growth hormone in the body. Many scientists believe colostrum may be the most important preventative that can be consumed by a mammal. The value of colostrum has been documented in clinical observations and is supported by a large database. A team of scientists in London has now found that colostrum can prevent the death of human neurons and effectively treat Alzheimer's patients. While this was going on, another research team was documenting that colostrum knocks out intestinal inflammation.Scientists at St. George's University had already demonstrated that colostrinin, a proline-rich polypeptide isolated from colostrum, can effectively treat Alzheimer's disease patients. In a new study, they investigated whether colostrinin has effects on the aggregation and toxicity of beta-amyloid, the main constituent of plaque in the brain believed to be the cause of Alzheimer's disease.Using data from cytotoxicity essays, they demonstrated that pre-treatment of human neuronal cells with 5 mug/ml of colostrinin for 24 hours confers neuroprotection against beta-amyloid neurotoxicity. Their qualitative and quantitative assays revealed that colostrinin reduced the death of neuronal cells resulting from brain plaque. (Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, July)In investigating whether colostrum has anti-inflammatory effects on intestinal epithelial cells, scientists in Seoul, Korea stimulated human colon cancer cells with interleukin-1beta with and without bovine colostrum. They examined the effects colostrum had on nuclear factor kappaB signaling, and assessed the expression levels of inhibitor protein of nuclear factor kappaB-alpha, COX 2, and p65. They found that colostrum significantly inhibited nuclear factor kappa B-mediated proinflammatory cytokine expression and switched off markers of inflammation. (Nutrition Research, April)This ancient healer works in unique ways to strengthen immunityBovine colostrum is not new. It has been a centerpiece of Ayurvedic healing for thousands of years. Ayurvedic physicians and spiritual leaders have documented both its physical and spiritual benefits. Scandinavian people have made a traditional pudding with colostrum for hundred of years in celebration of life. Even in the U.S. before the pharmaceutical companies tightened their grip, colostrum was commonly used for its antibiotic properties.Colostrum works in a unique manner to protect the body from pathology. Most pathogens enter the system through the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract. Bacteria, viruses, pollutants, contaminants and allergens must be combated there. An English physician, Dr. David Tyrell, has shown that a high percentage of the antibodies and immunoglobulins present in colostrum are not absorbed but remain in the intestinal tract. Immune factors work there to support proper immune function and healthy intestinal flora. Other immune factors from colostrum are believed to be absorbed and distributed to assist in the internal defense processes.Colostrum is made by mammals specifically for mammalsColostrum is the thin cream colored fluid produced during the first few milkings of a mammal after she has given birth. It is the carrier of immunities that are transferred from mother to infant, and one of the reasons breast feeding is so important to the health of human offspring. Colostrum is the essence of pure nutrition, containing immunoglobulins, growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other special substances designed to prime the body to face a lifetime of invasion by various microorganisms and environmental toxins bent on destruction.While human mothers produce a small amount of colostrum, cows produce approximately nine gallons during the first thirty-six hours after giving birth. Colostrum is produced by almost all mammals, and is not species specific. Research has shown that the immune and growth factors produced by other mammalian animals are nearly identical to those found in human colostrum.IGF-1 from colostrum performs many of the functions of growth hormoneAfter this transfer of initial growth factor from mother to child, the growing body produces its own growth hormon during the period that growth and development are taking place. The level of GH in humans remains high until growth is completed. Then it declines precipitously. By the age of 30, many people produce only twenty percent of their peak levels of growth hormone. Skin begins to sag and energy starts to slip away.As the aging process really gets going, the immune system also begins to decline. Aging people have greater difficulty fighting off colds and flu, and energy and zest for life begin to ebb. Bones thin, hair falls out, and stamina and vigor decrease. Some turn to GH replacement, but GH is only available by prescription and is quite expensive at 300 dollars a month or more. And GH usually requires injection into the body.GH is the closest thing people have to a fountain of youth. No other therapy has the impact on the aging body that GH has. It is great for weight control and re-contouring the body with loss of belly fat, particularly in the mid-section area associated with increased risk of heart attack and diabetes. People who can deal with the cost and injections claim it is a miracle.This means that supplementing with colostrum provides many of the benefits of GH without the high cost or need for daily injectionsThis means that supplementing with colostrum provides many of the benefits of GH without the high cost or need for daily injections.Studies show their assessment is correct. There have b
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